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Inventory of public property in municipalities Beocin, Sid and Sremski Karlovci

  • In Beočin, Sid and Srem Karlovci in June began a very important job - inventory of public property. All public property, used by these municipalities will be signed in as their property, thanks to the European Union funded project "Local government property-important link local economic development". Inventory and registration of ownership over property in public ownership will enable municipalities to independently and efficiently use public property in order to provide faster economic growth, because unresolved property relations are often the main obstacle to new investments. In addition, the introduction of more efficient management of municipal assets will accelerate the licensing of the potential investors, in order to enable transparency in the affairs of local government relating to the renting and sale of real estate, as well as determining credit ratings, based on which the local government could not borrow funds to finance capital infrastructure projects essential for the further development of the local community.



    It is planned that in the three municipalities of Vojvodina, in the course of five months, a total of 4345 listed property, which include buildings and civil engineering, as well as that of all listed buildings being sent request the National Property Directorate for approval for registration of ownership of local government . Property inventory will be completed within the statutory time limit (6 October 2014) due to the successful implementation of a number of preparatory activities, which included the establishment of special units of the municipal administration of property management and coordination of local municipal regulations with national legislation in this area.


    Training for the efficient management of public assets for employees of municipal governments and public enterprises was held on Zlatibor in April, and soon after computer equipment and software was aquinted. Educational activities in the project implementation are ended with the training on Andrevlje, on which the members of the municipal task forces, and externally hired experts acquainted with the methodology that will be used to collect, analyze and verify data on public property, the establishment of database and the procedure for registration of public property in the central register of property which leads Directorate of property.


    Process of inventory in Beočin, and Sid and Srem Karlovci will be carried out during the next four months, their partner Cajetina will provide support, and the Center for Balanced Regional Development in Belgrade as a partner organization will oversee and coordinate all activities envisaged by the project .

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