SKGO Exchange 4

Component 1 - Municipal planning and SLAP support

The objective of this Component is to support implementation of relevant national priorities through linking LSG sector strategies and action plans and development of pipeline of specific sectors municipal infrastructure projects.


Expected results:


  • Specific relevant sector strategic documents (waste management, energy-SEAP and local environmental action plans-LEAP) and/or action plans with project pipelines, linked to priority national policy requirements, developed in selected municipalities.


SCTM will organize selection process and provide support to municipalities in development of at least 10 sector strategies (based on LSDS framework) and at least 10 action plans of the existing overall development strategies (including fully developed 10 Project Concepts).


At least two sector strategic planning methodologies at local level will be developed in cooperation with relevant line ministries (methodology for developing energy plans and methodology for development of plans for environmental protection) and implemented in selected LSGs6.


  • Upgraded mechanism for harmonisation of municipal strategic documents with regional and national strategies and policies


Although a significant number of LSGs developed their overall development strategies (including their LSDS8), the Analysis of the Planning Processes in Towns and Municipalities in the Republic of Serbia, commissioned by the Exchange 3 program, showed need for better harmonisation of national, regional and local development strategies essential for efficient implementation of the national strategic priorities.

During the implementation of the Programme SCTM will continuously support annual mapping of local strategic documents and maintenance of the municipal strategic documents database.


  • SLAP IS is an institutionalized and quality project pipeline of relevant municipal and inter-municipal infrastructure projects, in line with the national legislation and EU procedures


Within this specific objective, support will be provided to local self-governments in planning, identification and registration of infrastructure projects (regional approach in line with agreements with the line ministries). SCTM will continue assisting LSGs in using SLAP database through focused support to municipal and regional SLAP coordinators (focal-points) in order to improve the project information in the system.

The SCTM will continue to provide support to the Network of SLAP Coordinators. In order to improve functioning of this network, the SCTM will continuously work on conducting annual needs assessments, including priority issues, training needs assessment, etc., and developing an annual communication plan.


  • SLAP IS is used as a transparent tool for operational planning (local, regional and national plans), budgeting, preparation and financing of infrastructure projects, with the aim of achieving efficient development aid based on the sector approach


During the implementation of the Programa SCTM will revise and continuously improve the sector questionnaires and criteria for grading projects for pre-selection, in accordance with guidelines of line ministries and financing requirements in the area of environment, economic infrastructure and energy efficiency. Also, SCTM will facilitate integration of SLAP IS into Governmental structures and procedures and inter-institutional cooperation and exchange of information among various stakeholders at local and central level.



Component 1 Coordinator: Aleksandar Marinkovic,

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