SKGO Exchange 4

About component 2

General objective of this component: Enabling LSG units to implement new financial regulations, introduce programme/capital budgeting and use alternative sources of financing.


Expected results:

  • LSGs implementing new financial regulations and related models and are provided with tools and coordination mechanisms for programme budgeting, linked with capital budgeting and use of alternative sources of capital investment financing.


Within this specific objective SCTM will provide direct support to minimum 10 LSGs in the process of programme budgeting, implementing models and piloting, and support to 5 LSGs within those 10 in the capital budget process (linked with programme budgeting). Also direct support to minimum 2 LSGs in the process of municipal bonds preparation and issuing (alternative sources of financing), implementing models and piloting will be provided. EU Exchange 4 team will continue to disseminate models, manuals and guidelines developed under Exchange 3 and MSP IPA 2007 programmes.


  • LSGs financial autonomy improved through enhanced functioning of Local Tax Administrations (LTA) and institutional dialogue between local and central level strengthened through support to representatives of LSGs in the Intergovernmental Finance Commission (IFC).


Direct support to the work of Local Tax Administrations (LTA), and further improvement of the activities of the Heads of Local Tax Administrations Network (LTAs Network) and its Coordination Team (LTA-CT) will be provided. Within this objective the work of the Intergovernmental Finance Commission (IFC) will be supported and improved also. This joint body of the Republic Government and LSGs (SCTM) represents a mechanism for institutionalized dialogue between the central and local government levels in the area of local finance and intergovernmental fiscal relations.


Component 2 Coordinator: Aleksandar Bucic,

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